The commercial drone industry has a new best friend, and that friend is powerful and loaded. It’s Google, which recently unveiled to The Atlantic its secret drone delivery program, Project Wing , meaning another tech titan now has skin in the commercial UAV game. One that might just have enough clout to make delivery drones happen.Read more.

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First an alligator, now a ram. Another day, another animal getting hot pissed over a drone flying too close for comfort. Small-fry drones, of course, are revolutionizing the way we see, study, and conserve the animal kingdom, even if the very act of flying a drone still hovers in legal gray areas in many parts of the world. We’ve seen everything from anti-poaching conservation drones in Kenya to whale-monitoring drones off the California coast offer unprecedented access and views of animals—and what’s threatening them.Drones let us get close to animals

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Dweller of dark Thisworld and Otherworlds, chronicler of street and assembler of mechanisms to go beyond, John Shirley breathes forth a smoggy twilight that is the end of the American Dream. A novelist at 18, tutored by Dune’s Frank Herbert, Ursula LeGuin, and Harlan Ellison, Shirley is the closest known phenomenon to being our Edgar Allen Poe.Shirley can also be (and should be, though he is reticent to cop to it) credited for having discovered William Gibson—in an introduction to Shirley’s book City Come A-Walkin’, Gibson wrote “so carelessly shoved me toward the writing of stories, as into a frat-party swimming pool.”) Because of their friendship, and with Gibson now granted by literati the mantle of “original cyberpunk novelist,” colleagues will—perhaps must—measure their words.I spoke to Shirley about his often-black craft; of his early involvement with psychedelia and cocaine addiction, then of “putting the phone down,” and the creation of his newest novel, Doyle After Death

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Daily MailPentagon reveals US military launched operation against al-Shabab extremist ..

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NASA is working on an air traffic control system for drones to help bring order to potentially chaotic skies. However, instead of controllers communicating with drone operators, the system uses carefully designed algorithms to automatically control flights.
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