What if Spider-Man runs out of the silky strong web that spits from his wrists? How will the high-flying superhero impress his girlfriend, thwart bad guys and save New York City?
With his own two feet, obviously. He’s Peter Parker, after all. Or, rather, make that Peter Parkour.
A just-launched short film, inspired by Sony’s much-anticipated Friday release, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, aims to show how the costumed crime-fighter could navigate rooftops, skyscrapers, fire escapes and ledges using only his nimble body. Footage was shot in part with a drone and a Freefly Movi, a lightweight mobile camera

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Image: Iansblog/FlickrFor the first time ever, the Federal Aviation Administration is trying to fine a hobby drone operator, a development that threatens to throw the whole hobby into disarray if the agency successfully levies the fine.The model aircraft industry—which includes drones, remote-control helicopters, and all other manner of unmanned aircraft—has existed longer than the FAA. During that time, the FAA has never made official regulations, which is why it’s now tentatively legal for a person to fly a drone commercially. While the FAA has explicitly said it doesn’t want anyone flying drones commercially, it has never issued similar suggestions about hobby flight, which is why it has been just fine for some guy to fly a drone above a tornado, but illegal, in the FAA’s eyes, for a journalist to do the same.That has changed, according to the agency

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This new 7-minute video documenting the destruction around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is chilling.Tomioka, Japan is a ghost town. Deadly levels of radiation, leaked from the crippled plant after a tsunami struck Japan’s east coast in 2011, have rendered the hometown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant an apocalyptic wasteland. The town’s nearly 16,000 residents in over 6,000 households are still barred from returning to their homes.Read Full Story

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There were more oil train explosions in 2013 than in the the previous four decades of record-keeping combined. Lest anyone get the impression that it was merely an isolated year of bad luck for the oil-hauling business, another spectacular derailment hit Lynchburg, Virginia last night.It was the first oil train derailment in the state in 43 years—and it set the river ablaze as tens of thousands of gallons leaked out from the tankers. Sam Scott of East Coast Drones was on the scene with a quadcopter to get an aerial perspective of the disaster.Drones used for journalism and disaster response have been hovering in a grey area, as the FAA argues that organized operations can’t use them

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The iconic Black Hawk helicopter is now available both manned and unmanned. Image: WikimediaThe military’s iconic Black Hawk helicopter will soon be available pilot optional.The Black Hawk UH-60, immortalized in Ridley Scott’s war film, been a mainstay for the army since the late ’70s, chiefly used to transport troops and provisions to and from the battlefield. Now the aircraft’s manufacturer, Sikorsky, is developing a robocopter version of the UH-60 to do the same tasks more efficiently and without putting humans at risk.It’s controlled from a ground control station but can make crucial flying decisions without any human input, based on its ‘Matrix’ proprietary artificial intelligence technology

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