Image: Muskoka stock photos/ShutterstockThe sunflower fields that blanket eastern Ukraine stand thick and tall this time of year. Today, you’ll find hordes of locals setting off into this sea of yellow, as the Associated Press reports, but they are not there to tend to the plants. They’re scouring a roughly 10-square mile debris field for any evidence of a Malaysia Airline passenger jet that crashed Thursday as it flew over the war-torn country. All 298 passengers on board died. The international reponse has been swift

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Image: Gene RobinsonFlying drones for search-and-rescue purposes is legal, and all the cease-and-desist orders the government has sent drone pilots are bogus, an appeals court judge ruled today. It’s the second time that the Federal Aviation Administration has been rebuked by a judge for trying to force drone pilots to stop flying despite there being no regulations against it.This now becomes the second time a federal judge has ruled against the FAA’s practice of trying to stop commercial drone pilots (or, in this case, a nonprofit) from working.It’s a huge win for Texas Equusearch, a volunteer, nonprofit search-and-rescue team that has been flying drones since 2007. Earlier this year, the FAA sent the organization’s drone pilot, Gene Robinson, a cease-and-desist email saying that the group was “operating outside of the [FAA’s] provisions, stop immediately

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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — I woke up on my concrete floor, having slept fitfully with my head on my flak jacket. The night was interspersed with occasional loud booms including one at 3:30 a.m. in which an F-16 took out an apartment just across the street.
None of us was too sure what to expect on this, the first day of Israeli invasion

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General Atomics has a new cockpit for their MQ-1 Predators and MQ-9 Reapers, two of the most common hunt-and-kill drones used by the USAF, capable of destroying basically any ground—and some air—targets. It looks like a dream gaming setup. Heck, it even includes a gamepad (check out that guy’s lap.)Read more.

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Image: Screenshot/LiveLeakEarlier this afternoon, mere moments before this article was to be published, the following video from the Israeli Defense Forces vanished from the IDF’s YouTube account. As of this writing, only a copy of the original can be found on LiveLeak:You’re looking at a product of the IDF’s multimedia efforts to showcase the laborious process behind targeting terrorists in the Gaza strip. I was notified of its existence after the @IDFSpokesperson tweeted a link to the video this morning, selling it as a behind-the-scenes look at Israel’s bombing campaign currently raining down on the Gaza strip.In the deleted YouTube posting, which I still an unbroken link to, the video is titled, “Inside Look: How the IDF Fights Terror in Gaza.” The description separates IDF actions from Hamas, citing clear moral distinctions: “Unlike terrorist organizations who fire indiscriminately at innocent civilians, the IDF has a long procedure in order to choose targets in Gaza

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