Image: Sara Marlowe, FlickrGoogle wants self-driving cars. Amazon’s after delivery drones. Baidu wants to automate bikes.After a flurry of speculation, the Chinese tech giant has confirmed it’s gunning for driverless electronic bikes. Baidu is China’s largest web services company—in the region, it commands upwards of 73 percent of the search market—and it has apparently pursued a “secret plan” to debut a prototype of a self-driving electric bicycle by the end of the year

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“Extreme selfies” are becoming a photographic genre all their own.
The latest entry is from a man who decided to take a photo of himself while running away from a bull in Pamplona, Spain during the annual running of the bulls. Participating in the tradition is, of course, a risk, but this is taking danger to a new level.
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But the selfie wasn’t just dangerous: It was also illegal
Officials in the northern region of Spain passed a law this year to crack down on filming during the running of the bulls. Three Brits have been fined so far, including one who has to pay 650 euros for filming the bull run with a drone

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FORT LAUDERDALE Fla. (Reuters) – The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating several videos filmed using drones that flew into and around firework displays, including two apparently shot on the Fourth of July and one from Florida that has received nearly nine million YouTube views.

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Two guys were arrested on Monday for flying a drone at an NYPD helicopter. It now sounds like it was the cops who flew their chopper at the drone.Read more..

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If you’ve ever been to a photography set, you’ve probably noticed how much time the photographer and their assistants take to perfectly position the lighting—only to have their efforts foiled when the model moves. That’s why researchers at MIT are proposing using drones as lighting, as they can constantly ensure they’re always in the perfect spot.Read more..

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