After repeatedly claiming it had no records about its drone program, the San Jose Police Department has confirmed that it does indeed have a drone—it just hasn’t flown yet.Two weeks ago, we reviewed the San Jose Police Departments puzzling inability to locate any documents regarding its purchase of a small drone with federal grants. With some additional prodding, the SJPD has at last tracked down its drone receipts and grant application.The documents indicate that the SJPD’s bomb squad took possession of its Century hexacopter drone in January 2014 for just under $7,000, but has yet to fly the unit in operations, train any officers on its deployment, or apply for federal authority to do so.”The future need for a UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle] in the southern Bay Area is upon us,” wrote Sergeant Douglas Wedge of the SJPD Bomb Squad in his grant application for federal homeland security funds more than a year ago

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DJI, maker of the popular Phantom drones, is working on a parachute system that slows down their descent and lets them crash with less impact. The parachute can be deployed automatically or manually.
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The summer movies criticising US drone policies

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The New York Police Department cracked down on Times Square characters this weekend, arresting Naked Cowboy, Captain America, Spider-Man and Jessie the Cowgirl from Toy Story.
The crackdown followed the Saturday arrest of Junior Bishop, who was dressed as Spider-Man at the time. The practice of dressing up as a kid-friendly character, and taking photos with tourists in exchange for tips, is common in New York’s busy Times Square area. Panhandling is legal in New York, but city officials see misbehaving costumed characters as a threat to the tourism industry and to public safety.
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Last week, a man pushed a drone out his Seattle hotel window and conducted a fly-by of the nearby Space Needle. Police got a report that the drone had hit the Needle, and confiscated the video he had shot as evidence. But there was no collision, just this dramatic sunset footage, with tiny tourists waving from the observation deck.Read more.

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