Just over a year ago, Google announced an ambitious plan to bring an Internet connection to remote areas of the world traditional infrastructure–cables, towers, and what have you–could not easily reach. The plan was to launch a fleet of solar-powered “smart” balloons into the sky to blanket unwired regions with connectivity.
Project Loon, as it was called, would have these balloons constantly beaming data back and forth to one another, communicating to find the most optimal position with which to triangulate. Each lightweight balloon was designed to algorithmically account for wind patterns, and each would fly high enough in the atmosphere to avoid traditional air traffic like airplanes.

Since it first launched balloons on June 16, 2013 in New Zealand, our reigning Most Innovative Company has expanded Project Loon’s small army of flying Wi-Fi stations

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A drone enthusiast from Switzerland has collected drone footage scattered across the web and organised it on a map of the world (a section of which is pictured left).

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France’s World Cup soccer team has filed a complaint with FIFA, claiming that someone used a small unmanned aircraft to spy on the team’s training camp near São Paulo, Brazil as players prepared for their match against Honduras Sunday, the BBC reports. The quadrocopter appears from video to be a Phantom II autonomous micro-drone with a video camera.
“Apparently, drones are being used more and more,” France’s manager Didier Deschamps told the BBC. “We don’t want intrusion into our privacy. It’s hard to fight

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GoPro made it possible for action sports enthusiasts to share the excitement of their performances through POV video. A new drone startup wants to take things to the next level — by turning […]

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Action-sports enthusiasts who like to capture their exploits on video may soon be able to add some aerial footage to their POV shots with the help of the Hexo+, an autonomous flying machine that films you wherever you go. The post Hexo+ autonomous drone aims to simplify shooting of action scenes appeared first on Digital Trends.

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