Sparkfun Electronics held their 6th annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition last weekend, and this year was bigger than ever before. The action was at Boulder Reservoir in Colorado, but anyone could follow along (with a few technical difficulties) on the YouTube LiveStream. (Part 1), and (Part 2).
The story of the day was Team SHARC’s Troubled Child, which won the ground vehicle doping class. Rather than mess around with miniature cars, Team SHARC built their ‘bot out of a freaking Jeep, a 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer to be exact

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The Federal Aviation Administration has ruled that Amazon and other firms cannot use drones to deliver packages.

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Image: USAFWhy does the United States think it can kill an American citizen overseas, without a trial? The answer is surprisingly simple: because it says it can. With the constitutional rationale largely redacted, what other conclusion can you draw?After years of legal battles, the United States government finally released its legal rationale for the 2011 drone strike that killed Anwar al-Awlaki, an American al-Qaeda imam who was living in Yemen and was allegedly planning terrorist attacks on the United States.Does the rationale boil down to specific threats al-Awlaki made against the United States? No—at least not ones that weren’t redacted. Does it come down to imminent aggression against the United States? Nope, not really, at least. Instead, it boils down to the fact that the United States is at war with terror, and even the simple act of joining up with a foreign enemy is enough to make someone a target, imminent threat or not

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A California man who has been arrested several times for recording police from the ground has now taken to the airways, using a drone to watch the watchers.
“It’s to try to promote transparency,” 42-year-old Daniel Saulmon told a Los Angeles news broadcast.
The Southern California man’s footage is posted at Recent recordings show a drunken-driving checkpoint and traffic stops

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Excerpted from the November 2045 issue of Galactic Girl.
Tech-literate ladies and savvy galactic girls aren’t impervious to the wily ways of an un-evolved male partner. We may live in a matriarchal utopia now, but that doesn’t mean your man is totally faithful. Though the only way to know for sure if your significant other is cheating on you is to hack into his neural net to access his thoughts, there are some subtler hints that might shed some light on the truth.
Here are 10 signs he’s cheating on you (probably with a sex robot)

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