Wall Street JournalCalifornia’s New Law Cracks Down on Sexual Assault on College CampusesWall Street JournalCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that defines consensual sexual activity in regard to sexual assaults on college and university campuses. Associated Press

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John Oliver took a look at drones on Last Week Tonight and didn’t like what he saw. Oliver’s focus is military drones, not hobbyist quadcopters , and he targeted recent U.S. drone strikes on Pakistan and Yemen. Read more

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Alameda County police in Northern California are inching toward flying camera-equipped drones like this one.

California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed legislation that would have required the police to obtain search warrants to surveil the public with unmanned drones.
Brown, a Democrat facing re-election in November, sided with law enforcement and said the legislation simply granted Californians privacy rights that went too far beyond existing guarantees. Sunday’s veto comes as the small drones are becoming increasingly popular with business, hobbyists, and law enforcement

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Tens of thousands of protesters blockaded the streets of Hong Kong over the weekend to fight for democracy, shielding themselves from tear gas and pepper spray with surgical masks, goggles and umbrellas.
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The protest began peacefully on Wednesday but turned violent on Friday after police used batons and pepper spray to try to disperse the activists. That led even more people to join the biggest protests Hong Kong has seen in decades.
What they are fighting for
Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997, when the UK handed it back to China. Under the principle of “one country, two systems,” Hong Kong was afforded economic and political freedoms outside the traditional socialist rule of the People’s Republic of China

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John Oliver coined a new slogan for drones on Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight: “Appealingly cheap and incredibly deadly.”
In response to news that the United States launched drone strikes in northwestern Pakistan and in Yemen, Oliver and his team of writers tried to find some concrete answers to questions about how and when the government decides to use drones.
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As is expected from the show, Oliver manages to find the humor in a sober topic. But in the segment’s final moments, he takes on a more serious tone.
“It is completely natural for us not to want to think about the consequences of our drone program, but when children from other countries are telling us that we’ve made them fear the sky, it might be time to ask some hard questions,” Oliver says

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