Back in 2013, the NSA ANT Catalog was leaked. This document contained a list of devices that are available to the NSA to carry out surveillance.
[Michael Ossmann] took a look at this, and realized that a lot of their tools were similar to devices the open source hardware community had built. Based on that, he gave a talk on The NSA Playset at Toorcamp 2014. This covered how one might implement these devices using open hardware

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A man has been arrested and charged with attempting to use a drone to deliver contraband into a South Carolina prison. The drone was found crashed outside prison walls with items like phones, marijuana, and tobacco.
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These days, there’s no need to stuff drugs up your butt to get them into a prison—you can just drop them in from your trusty drone. Unless you crash it, that is.Read more..

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The Ladybird is a solar-powered, autonomous, data-collecting robot built by Australian scientists to help make farming more efficient. In other words, it has clearly been engineered to include all of Silicon Valley’s favorite buzzwords, and will surely be the industry’s drone farmer of choice when the time comes to disrupt the farming industry.The farmbot recently completed its first round of tests, which we covered here. Shortly after, University of Sidney researchers running those tests uploaded video of the farmbot in action, and it’s worth another look. Right now, the Ladybird is an autonomous data collector that gives farmers in-depth information about their crops: it can map the yield, and identify problem areas where plants are suffering

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Martha Stewart uses one to survey her lush, pergola-filled properties . Photographer Ian Wood uses one to gain a bird’s-eye perspective on a gentrifying Los Angeles . We asked you to share what videos you were filming with your drones , and here are some of the best.Read more.

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