Google’s entry into the drone business brings financial and lobbying heft that should help the fledging industry overcome technical and regulatory obstacles.

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Search, mail, maps, Android, glasses, Internet balloons, self-driving cars, robots, satellites and drones are just a few of the many products Google has to offer, or has started working on, with the latter being the company’s latest revelation. According to The Atlantic, Google is very interested in same-day delivery options, and already has a two-year old drone product – now not a secret anymore – to tackle this particular desire from users.
Google is not the only company looking to offer same-day deliveries – the company is already offering such services in certain markets albeit not via air – as Amazon has unveiled its drone program a few months ago.
Google’s drone project is called Project Wing, and relies on a fleet of “flying robots” to deliver goods to a buyer “across a city in a minute or two”, as the publication puts it. Obviously, Project Wing is a Google X endeavour, the company’s division responsible for all the wild creations that are yet to be turned in commercial products

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Google is the latest company to branch out into delivery by drone, it revealed today. The technology giant started running its first test flights earlier this month as part of Project Wing, a secretive, two-year-old program exploring drone delivery.

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Christian Science MonitorGoogle delivery drone takes to the skies with ‘Project Wing’Christian Science MonitorThe global search giant has unveiled a new commercial drone delivery program developed in Google X, the secretive hub for long-term, large-scale innovative projects. By Jacob Axelrad, Staff Writer August 29, 2014. close

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Google X – the lab responsible for Google Glass, Google’s self-driving cars and Google’s smart contact lenses – has announced its latest endeavor: self-flying delivery drones.

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