When TGI Friday’s announced a promotion involving mistletoe-toting drones flying around inside its restaurants, the idea seemed both dumb and unoriginal . Now, that the restaurant’s gimmicky marketing campaign has shed blood in Brooklyn, it just seems dangerous. And TGI Friday’s isn’t even taking the blame!Read more..

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There are more people than ever on Earth, but never have we been this connected with each other. Photography plays a large role, with the still image continuing to hold extraordinary power, bypassing borders and languages and cultures, to inform and educate us. Its success is its impact, altering our actions or thoughts merely because it exists. It’s our proof. And technology has kept pace

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The UK Airprox Board, the air safety panel, gave the incident the highest risk rating of A, meaning there was a ‘serious risk of collision’ after the drone was spotted by pilot – but not by air traffic control.

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If the drone crashes into a sensitive place, like a coral reef, it just harmlessly disappears.Civilian drones may someday deliver your pizza, but they’ll also travel places that people can’t easily go, mapping forest fires or natural disasters, tracking wildlife, and studying Mars.Read Full Story

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Another day, another report of a drone coming close to colliding with an aircraft as it comes in to land. This latest incident, however, reportedly took place at one of the world’s busiest airports, and involved a large passenger plane. The post One of world’s busiest airports reveals recent drone near-hit involving passenger jet appeared first on Digital Trends.

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