A drone flying near a wildfire in Northern California forced helicopters to stay grounded — and the California High Patrol (CHP) was not happy about it. 
On Sunday, it posted an all-uppercase warning to the public on Facebook: “FIRE FIGHTING PLANES CANNOT FLY IF YOUR DRONE IS IN THE AIR.”
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Police found and cited a 24-year-old man for flying the drone, according to The Mercury News. 
The pilot had been flying the drone in the vicinity of Petaluma Municipal Airport, forcing air traffic controllers to ground all craft until the drone no longer posed a danger to helicopter blades and engines.  Read more

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A drone has collided with a commercial aircraft in Canada, but only received minor damage. Aidan Kelley has the story.


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Ford will bring four modified Focus hatchbacks to SEMA 2017 The fleet includes a slammed Focus ST that can launch drones, and three souped-up Focus RS hatches with different performance upgrades.
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Before you can make money with your drone, you have to become a certified remote pilot.


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The aircraft sustained only minor damage and landed safely, the Canadian transport minister said.

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