In Manhattan’s Flatiron Plaza on Monday, children gawked and construction workers tiptoed in curiosity around transportation company Workhorse’s product showcase of two futuristic vehicles: the first electric pickup truck, and the Surefly octocopter drone.
Workhorse is a midwestern transportation company that specializes in electric trucks, particularly for commercial (not personal) use. It gained attention this past May when it achieved manned flight of its SureFly hybrid helicopter. With eight propellers that provide balance, it’s designed more like a drone than a traditional helicopter — so it’s better described as a personal drone octocopter. Also, octocopter is pretty fun to say, so that’s what we’re going with, OK?! Read more

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The arrests of a National Guard general and colonel come after a drone ‘attack’ on the president.

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Developed by engineers from Japan’s University of Tokyo, Aerial Biped is a robot whose top half is comprised of a flying quadrotor UAV that’s rooted to the ground by thin stork-like legs.
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President Nicolás Maduro says US agents could visit to help investigate the ‘assassination plot’.

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With the launch of the new Samsung Note 9, it's time again for tech buying season, the fourth quarter. Get ready for new iPhones, Pixels, a GoPro Hero, DJI Mavic drone and more. Look for Apple to follow Samsung's head-start in early September with the release of the most popular item of the year.


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