Hackaday Podcast Ep004 – Taking The Blue Pill, Abusing Resistors, And Not Finding Drones

Catch up on your Hackaday with this week’s podcast. Mike and Elliot riff on the Bluepill (ST32F103 boards), blackest of black paints, hand-crafted sorting machines, a 3D printer bed leveling system that abuses some 2512 resistors, how cyborgs are going mainstream, and the need for more evidence around airport drone sightings.
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Episode 4 Show Notes:
New This Week:

Bluepill STM32 development boards with libopencm3

libopencm3 Developer Documentation
Mike’s most basic examples

Great comment threads:

Brushless RC Rocket Tests Different Flight Regimes
Don’t Toss that Bulb, It Knows Your Password
This Is A Kickstarter for None More Black

Interesting Hacks of the Week:

Sorter Uses Cardboard To Organize Card Hoard
A Genesis Inspired Synthesizer That Has Nothing To Do With Phil Collins
3D Printed Microscope Stage Offers Precise Movement
Quartet Of SMD Resistors Used To Sense Z-Axis Height


WiFi Controlled Finger Dims Lights Over UDP
Tiny Voltmeter Uses DNA
Supportless Overhangs: Just Reorient Gravity By 90 Degrees
DIY Vacuum Table Enhances PCB Milling

Example of milled breakout boards Dan Hienzsch is using

Billiard Ball Finds A New Home In Custom Trackball Mouse

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