Experts to US Army: Beware Swarming Drones

US Army soldiers are vulnerable to swarms of tiny drones packing explosives or other weapons. And the problem is bound to get worse as the Army struggles to develop defenses against robotic swarms faster than America’s enemies field better drones. That’s the alarming conclusion of a new study from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. “The Army timeframes are significantly out of sync with the rapidly advancing performance capabilities of individual sUASs and teams of sUASs,” the experts wrote, using the military’s acronym for “small unmanned aerial systems.” The National Academies began its study in 2016, at a time when Islamic State was waging an intensive aerial campaign against US and allied forces using off-the-shelf quadcopter-style drones armed with small bombs or rigged to explode in close proximity to people on the ground

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