Ars Asks: A defiant in-depth defense against dastardly drones

Enlarge / Aurich tells me he didn’t purposefully make the drone look like it has a shocked face, but I can’t un-see it. (credit: Aurich / Thinkstock)
We’ve asked twice about which IT nightmares are most likely to keep you up at night, and now we’re going to finish off our round of surveys with what will be the last one for a while: we want to know what you think about drones. And not just general thoughts on drones, either—we’re interested in your thoughts about drones behaving badly and what can be done about them.
“Drones” in this usage refers generally to small, remotely piloted quadcopter drones with some amount of programmed autonomy—devices like DJI’s overwhelmingly popular Phantom series. In addition to live remote piloting, these types of quadcopters have the ability to fly a preprogrammed route (one that might pass far beyond the radio range of the drone’s remote control) and capture images and video as they do so

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