To snap the photo of your dreams, you might have to get creative. You know, like climbing to the roof, flying over a cityscape, or scaling buildings.  Oh, you’re not Spider-Man? No problem. Just get a drone.  Here are 12 drones on sale as of Oct View original article at Mashable

The average consumer drone today has a flight time of between 10 and 20 minutes. This record-breaking drone has one that’s, well, considerably longer. View original article at Digital Trends

Enlarge / YouTuber Brandon M captured this drone footage of his Tesla steering toward a parked car. “Oh Jeeeesus,” he said as he grabbed the steering wheel. (credit: Brandon M) Last week, Tesla released an early version of its long-awaited “full self-driving” software to a limited number of customers. It was arguably Tesla’s biggest Autopilot update ever. The software enables Tesla vehicles to autonomously navigate the vast majority of common roadway situations and complete many trips from start to finish View original article at Ars Technica

Lifesaving flights are in the air for Drone Delivery Canada after the Toronto-based community announced COVID-relief projects with two Canadian First Nation groups are operational. In June, Drone Delivery Canada announced a collaboration with GlobalMedic and Air Canada to deliver COVID-treatment cargo to Christian Island, a remote territory governed by the Beausoleil First Nation Community in Ontario View original article at Drone Life

The North Dakota drone industry just got a big advantage with Vantis, the nation’s first statewide UAS beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) network. “With Vantis’ unique statewide ecosystem supporting UAS, North Dakota is primed to become the nation’s epicenter of commercial UAS activity,” says a press release View original article at Drone Life

Genius Sports is betting on the success of drone racing. The global sports data company signed a licensing agreement with the Drone Racing League to launch DRL into the skies of sports betting View original article at Drone Life

It’s the end of October 2020, so our most recent DRONELIFE Minute Survey had to address the U.S View original article at Drone Life

Drone delivery might sound new, but it’s been in the works for 100 years. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Google’s Wing delivery drones have supplied Virginia residents with toilet paper and medicine, while some grocers have turned to drones to fulfill unprecedented demand for grocery deliveries. Late this summer, Amazon moved a crucial step closer to offering consumers drone deliveries in half an hour or less when the tech giant secured a Part 135 air carrier certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration, allowing it to operate commercial drone flights.Read…

A drone from Texas Medical Center Supply can spray sanitizer and disinfectant from the air. Dubbed SaniDrone, it also has an app for adjustable spray control and a video view.  Read more.. View original article at Mashable

Autonomous drones – the drone in the box solutions that deliver drone operations without a pilot onsite – are emerging as an important market sector.  Polish autonomous drone company Dronehub is the latest autonomous drone company to get new investment funding in order to grow their operations View original article at Drone Life