EHang has had a great year.  Now, the world’s leading passenger drone platform is not introducing an entirely new aircraft, but a new application View original article at Drone Life

Adding unmanned systems to a science and math curriculum has tremendous advantages for students, teachers, and the drone industry: but drones for STEM education programs are often too expensive for many school systems and may come without an easy-to-follow curriculum.  COM3T Drones, a new company founded by an impressive group of ambitious high school entrepreneurs, […] The post Drones for STEM Education: Group of High School Entrepreneurs Develops Right Priced, Right Sized Solution appeared first on DRONELIFE View original article at Drone Life

With the roughly 20-day wide launch window for the Mars 2020 mission rapidly approaching, the hype train for the next big mission to the Red Planet is really building up steam. And with good reason — the Mars 2020 mission has been in the works for a better part of a decade, and as we reported earlier this year, the rover it’s delivering to the Martian surface, since dubbed Perseverance, will be among the most complex such devices ever fielded. “Percy” — come on, that nickname’s a natural…

NASA’s ‘Perseverance’ rover is equipped with two microphones, 23 cameras, seven scientific instruments, plus a drone helicopter.        View original article at USA Today

A free webinar on August 4 from 1:30 – 3:00 pm EST will examine counter drone policy and practice.  Register here to attend View original article at Drone Life

In big progress for urban air mobility in North America, EHang announces that they will soon start testing passenger drones in Canada. EHang announced that their flagship passenger drone, the EHang 216, has obtained a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) issued by the Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), the civil aviation authority in Canada View original article at Drone Life

German drone provider Airial Robotics this week unveiled a new drone carrier system known as Gyrotrak. A hybrid concept, Gyrotrak combines “tried-and-tested aerodynamic principles with the latest technologies,” an Airial statement notes View original article at Drone Life

Are drones in ports and shipping the next big market for the drone industry?  Drone technology offers huge benefits for the shipping industry – and now, the U.K View original article at Drone Life

We take wireless devices for granted these days, and it is easy to forget that the use of the airwaves is subject to government control — the FCC in the United States. HobbyKing got a sharp reminder when the FCC levied a nearly $3 million fine for the company selling uncertified drone transmitters. It was hardly a surprise, though. The FCC has been cracking down on these noncompliant transmitters for a while now and had issued a notice of apparent liability to the company back in 2018 and…

Drone-solution provider Lorenz Technology this week insured its future success by partnering with insurtech startup Flock. Lorenz produces Lorenz AI-Link, an edge-computing device that deploys UAV preprogrammed flight routes, gathering video data in real-time View original article at Drone Life