With lockdown regulations sweeping the globe, many have found themselves spending altogether too much time inside with not a lot to do. [Peter Hall] is one such individual, with a penchant for flying quadcopters. With the great outdoors all but denied, he instead endeavoured to find a way to make flying inside a more exciting experience. We’d say he’s succeeded. The setup involves using a SteamVR virtual reality tracker to monitor the position of a quadcopter inside a room. This data is then passed back to the quadcopter…

Parrot’s latest drone is absolutely not for photographers, videographers, and other sundry dilettantes. Its latest Anafi model is far more capable than its consumer models. It’s built to fly in inclement weather for one, and offers loads of zoom power and thermal imaging for surveillance, search-and-rescue, and industrial inspections. But while the regular Anafi goes for around $700, the Anafi USA is priced at a staggering $7,000. It’s a big jump, but there are reasons for business customers to consider spending the money View original article at Mashable

Canadian drone and tech company Draganfly recently announced a partnership with production firm Enderby Entertainment to market a new safety solution to monitor for possible COVID symptoms on TV and film sets. Draganfly will provide Safe Set Solutions, a ground-based technology that uses symptom pre-screening, elevated body temperature measurement, and social distancing digital display to […] The post Drone Firm Draganfly Markets COVID Monitor appeared first on DRONELIFE View original article at Drone Life

Flying a quadcopter or other drone can be pretty exciting, especially when using the video signal to do the flying. It’s almost like a real-life video game or flight simulator in a way, except the aircraft is physically real. To bring this experience even closer to the reality of flying, [Kevin] implemented stereo vision on his quadcopter which also adds an impressive amount of functionality to his drone. While he doesn’t use this particular setup for drone racing or virtual reality, there are some other interesting things that…

Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump, asks Interpol to help  Al Jazeera EnglishIran issues arrest warrant for Trump over drone strike that killed Qasem Soleimani  CNNIran Issues Warrant for Donald Trump’s Arrest on ‘Murder and Terrorism’ Charges  The Daily BeastDaily Beast gives Iran a sympathetic ear  Washington ExaminerWhy did Iran issue an arrest warrant for Donald Trump? Perhaps to shine a light on American hypocrisy  The IndependentView Full Coverage on Google News View original article

Aerial intelligence provider Kespry is launching an updated suite of platform updates focused on inspection drone solutions. The California-based company’s Summer 2020 Aerial Intelligence platform release includes: New Haul Roads Feature Haul roads are complex elements mining and aggregates site managers need to carefully design and calibrate View original article at Drone Life

Cherry blossom viewing and appreciation is a Japanese tradition – and this drone video provides a new way of enjoying the stunning trees at the peak of their bloom. Here in the U View original article at Drone Life

InsurTech platform SkyWatch.AI has announced a partnership with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (E-R) to develop drone education programs and provide reduced rates to Embry-Riddle students on their insurance offerings View original article at Drone Life

Drone giant DJI today launched a new mapping solution to optimize rescue drones. Drone Rescue Map is an online reference that globally tracks events involving life-saving drones View original article at Drone Life

This week,  Commercial UAV Expo‘s Danielle Gagne and DRONELIFE’s Miriam McNabb discussed the latest Unmanned Leadership Forum.  The Unmanned Leadership Forum, led by FLIR‘s Randall Warnas, is a monthly Facebook live opportunity for the drone community to get together and discuss the critical topics facing the industry with a panel of leading experts View original article at Drone Life