Kids these days get the coolest toys. While most of us spent our childhoods scouting out the newest McDonalds Happy Meal toys, modern kids are designing and flying custom drones right out of the box. (I you need advice on great drones for beginners, go here.) But who says drones have to be just for kids? Certainly not us. Flying drones — and building your own — is something that the whole family can get in on View original article at Mashable

It’s the 21st century, folks. If your idea of learning a new language is listening to robotic voices narrate phrases on repeat, or sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher drone on — think again. There’s another way to learn: getting a song stuck in your head. (If you need a refresher on how fast that can happen, listen to this clip of Homer Simpson playing the “saxamaphone” and see if you can get *that* out of your head.) Basically, the brain has a natural ability to…

NASA has announced that it has completed its first test flight of its drone-like helicopter which will fly to the Red Planet in 2021 to reveal a new perspective on the Martian surface. View original article at Daily Mail Online

Move over, Amazon! The U.S. Marines are testing a drone delivery program of their own — only this one involves disposable drones, designed for dropping off supplies wherever they’re required. The post U.S View original article at Digital Trends

There are a few open source autopilots available these days for quadcopters and fixed wing aircraft. Two of the most popular are ArduPilot and PX4, however neither is officially capable of working with unpowered aircraft. Despite this, [rctestflight] decided to run some experiments to see just how PX4 would fare when controlling a drone-launched shuttle glider. The glider is a simple design built from foam board, controlled with two elevons, and fitted with a third servo to handle its release from the tow drone. It’s fitted with a…

The United Parcel Service this week announced a “groundbreaking” new program to deliver medical samples via drone. In partnership with Matternet, UPS will operate multiple daily flights at Raleigh’s WakeMed hospital and campus, […] The post UPS To Transport Medical Samples Via Drone appeared first on View original article at Geek

When it comes to gathering environmental data in real-world settings, urban environments have to be the most challenging. Every city has nooks and crannies that create their own microenvironments, and placing enough sensors to get a decent picture of what’s going on in all of them is a tough job. But if these sensor-laden pigeons have anything to say about it, the job might get a bit easier. The idea for using pigeons as biotelemetry platforms comes to us from the School of Geography, Earth, and Environmental Sciences…

UPS will leverage drones to deliver medical samples in the first FAA-backed and continuous commercial deployment of drone technology in America. View original article at Daily Mail Online

Artificial intelligence has bested top players in chess, Go and even StarCraft. But can it fly a drone faster than a pro racer? More than $1 million is on the line to find out. Original article at

Most consumers don’t know how much of aviation is already automated. And researchers expect fully autonomous flights to become commonplace in the next few decades. In the wake of the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes of Boeing 737 Max planes, people are thinking about how much of their air travel is handled by software and automated systems–as opposed to the friendly pilots sitting in the cockpit.Read Full Story View original article at FastCompany