Aerones is building heavy-lift drones for operations that can get dangerous when performed by humans. The company has recently unveiled footage of a drone solution for high-altitude window cleaning. In the future, similar drones could be used for firefighting, and the company is already testing this kind of applications as well.  Read more. View original article at Mashable

For some wakeskaters and wakeboarders, certain bodies of water are just too shallow, and too unrideable. But by using a drone to tow him along, pro wakeskater Brian Grubb glided his board into new […] The post Watch: Quadcopter Drone Tows Wakeskater Down River appeared first on View original article at Geek

So much for amazing drone perfomances: The award-winning internal group will be significantly scaled back, counter to the broader trend toward more in-house agencies. Bees. With backpacks. That’s what led Intel’s global creative director Teresa Herd to see the potential in the power of having an internal creative team. A few years ago, during a routine business meeting in Singapore she happened to be sitting in on, the presenter flashed a quick slide showing a bee with a backpack View original article at FastCompany

There’s a new conspiracy in town, and this one may stick around for a while. “Birds Aren’t Real” claims the US government has been systematically eliminating our feathered friends and replacing them with drones since the 1960s. Conspiracy theories are one of those peculiar byproducts of the information age. We have gay frogs, pizzagate, birthers, anti-vaxxers, flat-Earthers, Qanon, people who claim Australia doesn’t exist and others who swear the Olson twins are really just one person. Some of these outrageous theories are hilarious and inoffensive, others quite dangerous…

The photos, which appeared on Lyon-based photo-sharing site Dronestagram, reveal some of the most stunning shots taken from perspectives that have never been seen before. View original article at Daily Mail Online