One London researcher decided he had had enough of boring conferences, analysing 50 speeches to try and find a pattern. He found boring people really go on talking for longer. View original article at Daily Mail Online

Enlarge / The Boeing/Saab T-X has won the Air Force’s advanced jet trainer contract. (credit: Boeing) The end-of-the-year contract rush for the US Defense Department has been good to Boeing. As the clock ticks down on the fiscal year, Boeing grabbed its third DOD contract in a month. This time, it’s the Air Force’s T-X next-generation advanced jet trainer contract. Boeing’s joint bid with Swedish aerospace company Saab came in more than 50 percent below the Air Force’s initial cost estimate, shutting out Lockheed and the US subsidiary…

In a famous mid 2000s Apple commercial, Justin Long plays the part of the hoodied, hip Silicon Valley inhabitant. “I’m a Mac” he says, tucking his hands in his blue jeans while wearing sneakers. Next to him, looking like a caricature of a corporate drone, John Hodgman sneezes—he’s got a virus. “You better stay back, this one’s a doozy,” he says. Unfazed, Long says he’s going to be “fine” because viruses hit “PCs, not Macs View original article at Motherboard

I started reviewing these two games together all the way back in 2012, but six years in, I feel like this double-review is in danger of settling into just the kind of repetitive drone it was designed to counter. Now, more than ever, each series’ pros and cons are so… View original article at TechSpot

The $765 (£585) gadget, known as Spry, features a built-in 4K camera that can both record video and snap photos on the fly. It was developed by Florida firm Urban Drones. View original article at Daily Mail Online

Update to the 2016 Mavic 2 Pro drone is still compact and foldable, but with an important imaging update.         View original article at USA Today

Put down your smartphones and other drone controllers. Researchers have invented a method to allow drone pilots to fly drones using a pair of eye-tracking glasses. What could be simpler? The post Eye-tracking tech lets you control a drone by looking where you want it to move appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

Enlarge / The MQ-9 Reaper isn’t a fighter aircraft. But it could soon be armed to take out other drones, helicopters, or other aircraft, after a successful kill with a heat-seeking missile in a November 2017 test. (credit: US Air Force) The US Air Force has revealed that an MQ-9 Reaper uncrewed aircraft successfully shot down a smaller drone with a heat-seeking air-to-air missile in a test last November. The details, provided by Col. Julian Cheater, commander of the 432nd Wing, came in an interview with Military View original…

The Ergonomic Handheld Mouse / Keyboard Alternative from [Shervin Emami] is an all-in-one solution for your keyboarding and cursor moving needs. The core of this build is a ‘grip-strengthening’ device that’s sold to guitarists. While the actual benefit of these devices for guitarists is questionable — there are a few anecdotes any music teacher will tell you about classical pianists ruining their hands with similar devices — the device itself can be converted into a fantastic chording keyboard. All you really need for a full-functioned keyboard is a few buttons…

The new edition of the GoPro, the Hero7 Black, promises video as steady as a drone. For real? Jefferson Graham checks it out.         View original article at USA Today