Aerial photography was first practiced in the late 1850s. But the technique has really taken off (pun intended) since the commercialization of drones. And it’s not limited to cartography, movie production, or surveillance, […] The post Admire Winners of the 2018 Drone Awards Photo Contest appeared first on View original article at Geek

The world’s first autonomous indoor drone surveillance system has been developed by two European drone companies. View original article at Daily Mail Online

Let’s face it, there are some people you just don’t want to spend your time talking to. Maybe you had an unpleasant experience with them in the past, maybe they’re rude and boorish, or maybe they’re just plain boring. We all have those interactions that we want to minimise as much as possible, but our stupid human inclination to be polite tends to get in the way of simply saying, “No, I don’t feel like wasting another moment of my time on your lame ass.” Lame excuses The…

The 2018 Drone Awards showcases some of the best aerial photography around. From scenes depicting the perils of climate change to abstract art, seven photos were selected from the more than 4,400 submissions. The post The winning photographs from the 2018 Drone Awards will make you drool appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

We just wrapped up the Power Harvesting challenge in the Hackaday Prize, and with that comes some solutions to getting power in some very remote places. [Vijay]’s project is one of the best, because his project is getting power in Antarctica. This is a difficult environment: you don’t have the sun for a significant part of the year, it’s cold, and you need to actually get your equipment down to the continent. [Vijay]’s solution was to use one of Antarctica’s greatest resources — wind — in an ingenious…

The store’s literature has photos and technical details of the as yet unannounced Mavic 2 Pro drone. View original article at BBC World News

The personal computers in science fiction books, movies, and games are way cooler than the dinky pieces of hardware we’re stuck with in the real world. Granted the modern laptop has a bit more style than the beige boxes of yesteryear, but they still aren’t half as l33t as the custom PowerBooks in Hackers. Luckily for those who dream of jacking into the Matrix, the average hacker now has access to the technology required to make a custom computer to whatever fanciful specifications they wish. A perfect example is…

Ecology is a strange discipline. At its most basic, it’s the study of how living things interact with their environment. It doesn’t so much seek to explain how life works, but rather how lives work together. A guiding principle of ecology is that life finds a way to exploit niches, subregions within the larger world with a particular mix of resources and challenges. It’s actually all quite fascinating View original article at Hack A Day

A government proposal would ban children from owning flying gadgets weighing over 250g. View original article at BBC World News

More than 4,400 images were submitted in Abstract, Nature, People, Sport, Wildlife, and Urban categories for this year’s Drone Awards, organized by the Art Photo Travel Association. View original article at Daily Mail Online