They say that life imitates art, which in modern parlance basically means if you see something cool in a video game, movie or TV show, you might be inclined to try and build your own version. Naturally, such things generally come in the form of simple props, perhaps with the occasional embedded LED or noise making circuit. It’s not as if you can really build a phaser from Star Trek or a phone booth that’s bigger on the inside. But after seeing the hacking quadcopter featured in the video…

Tactical Robotics’ unmanned Cormorant VTOL drone can evacuate two wounded battlefield casualties or disaster site victims at the same time. The aircraft can land and take off from remote or hard to reach locations without a landing strip. The post VTOL drone can evacuate wounded soldiers and disaster victims, deliver cargo appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

With 2TB of storage, the LaCie DJI Copilot aims to be a high-capacity portable media backup for photographers, videographers, and drone pilots. It’s not exactly fast, but for the right user, it will get the job done The post LaCie DJI Copilot backs up your photos and videos, without needing a computer appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the evolution of drone technology in the past couple of years, you’re probably aware of some of the hurdles drone pilots have come across. View original article at TechSpot

An instant online permitting system for drone operators continues its expansion on May 24, adding northwestern states. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has been steadily expanding the ability of companies to fly drones for profit. Regulations still make Amazon-style deliveries impractical, but they’ve allowed a flourishing of camera-equipped missions View original article at FastCompany