If modern technology fell into a Dungeons and Dragons morality alignment chart where, say, militarized police are lawful evil and bitcoin is chaotic evil, then I’d say drones are chaotic neutral right now. […] The post Drone Footage Helps Rescue Hawaiians Trapped By Lava appeared first on Geek.com. View original article at Geek

China business park in Shanghai is to offer takeaway drone delivery service. View original article at BBC World News

This $2,500 drone could be a boon to filmmakers–and, in the wrong places, a risk to public safety. A friend of mine recently bought a pretty spiffy truck. He also has a drone. And recently, as we were admiring his new vehicle–which he’s kind of in love with–I said I bet he could shoot video of it while driving on some dirt road somewhere.Read Full Story View original article at FastCompany

When city roads are busy with traffic, meal delivery services can suffer, with food arriving at customers’ doors late … and cold. A service in China has taken to using drones while at the same time keeping its drivers employed View original article at Digital Trends

Live video from a drone flying over lava flows on the island of Hawaii this week helped to save a resident caught up in the chaos. Footage from the flying machine was able to lead emergency responders in a brave rescue effort. The post Drone to the rescue: Hawaii resident saved from Kilauea’s lava flows appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends