There is so much packed into this rich, moving, and darkly plausible story that it’s just about pointless to try to cleverly sum it up here—just enjoy this epic from emerging master E. Lily Yu. -the Eds. Although Juan Pedro “Feo” Jiménez scratched out his living at bio-synth and electrika festivals, some virtual and some real, in the days between gigs, when it was too risky to be on the streets, Feo played his first love. This was a slim chrome-and-rosewood theremin, almost a hundred years old, a…

The Chinese drone giant’s new Payload Software Development Kit opens up a wide range of new applications for businesses. When it comes to the consumer drone industry, China’s DJI came, saw, and conquered. Just ask companies like 3D Robotics, Parrot, Yuneec, and GoPro what happened to their drone programs after DJI devices like the Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro came along. Now, DJI is hoping to repeat its success with the enterprise and industrial side of the drone market.Read Full Story View original article at FastCompany

Sleep addicts, rejoice. Amazon’s daily deals for today include 44% off on a Lucid memory foam mattress topper.  SEE ALSO: A blanket that could improve sleep quality? We’re listening. If you have a four-legged friend, there’s also an orthopedic dog bed on sale so they can get a comfortable night’s rest. Drone flyers can get in on the money-saving action too with a discount on refurbished Yuneec Q500 Quadcopter Drones View original article at Mashable

Australian police officers detected a drone flying near the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village in Gold Coast, Queensland, on Sunday. And, according to a number of reports, they used a device called a DroneGun, made by Sydney-based DroneShield, to disrupt the radio signals between the drone and its operator, forcing the device to land. But police have … Continue reading “Did police use an anti-drone gun at the Commonwealth Games? Not exactly” Australian police officers detected a drone flying near the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village in Gold Coast, Queensland, on…

The drone came so close it was almost sucked into the plane’s engine, says the airline. View original article at BBC World News

The quadcopter is designed to handle these kinds of tasks, since it’s outfitted with 28 motors and 16 batteries that enable it to lift up to 400lbs for 20 minutes on a single charge. View original article at Daily Mail Online

The last three days marked the 2018 Midwest RepRap Festival. Every year, the stars of the 3D printing world make it out to Goshen, Indiana for the greatest gathering of 3D printers and printing enthusiasts the world has ever seen. This isn’t like any other 3D printing convention — everyone here needs to take the time to get to Goshen, and that means only the people who want to be here make it out. Over the weekend we covered some amazing hacks and printer builds from MRRF. The ‘BeagleBone On…

HBO is celebrating “Silicon Valley” with a tech-based tribute to the pizza delivery startup featured in Sunday’s premiere episode. Bon appetit! What: A promotional stunt forSilicon Valley, involving free sky-pizza.Read Full Story View original article at FastCompany

The footage shows the curvature of the Earth gradually pull into view while the drone shakes and buzzes as it rises through the clouds above a remote region of Siberia. View original article at Daily Mail Online

File this one under, ‘don’t do this yourself, but we’re glad they filmed it.’ [Denis Koryakin] flew a quadcopter to 10km, or about 33,000 feet. This was just an experiment to see if it was possible. A few items of note from the video: this thing was climbing at 14-15 m/s when it first took off. It was barely climbing at 2 m/s at 10km View original article at Hack A Day