The VergeA drone has rescued two people from rough seas off the coast of AustraliaThe VergeLifeguards testing out new drone technology in Australia have saved two people stranded off the coast of New South Wales state, as spotted by Quartz. The drone footage shows a birds-eye view of the ocean before the drone ejects the yellow floatation . View original article

Lifeguards were being trained how to use the drone when the drama unfolded in what’s being called a world first rescue. View original article at BBC World News

Lifeguards in Australia interrupt a drone training session to save two stricken boys. View original article at BBC World News

The boys were spotted in distress in rough seas off Lennox Head in northern New South Wales on Thursday morning. They were saved by a drone in the world’s first rescue of its kind. View original article at Daily Mail Online

Stunning drone footage has revealed the incredible progress on the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope – an instrument that will one day produce the ‘deepest, widest image of the universe.’ View original article at Daily Mail Online

Former Cisco CEO John Chambers is an investor in and advisor to Dedrone, a startup that aims to help differentiate between harmless and threatening drones. While drones can be a lot of fun to fly recreationally, and are increasingly being used to take stunning aerial photography, there are many who worry about how they can be used for nefarious purposes.Read Full Story View original article at FastCompany

Belarusian border guards catch a smugglers’ drone being sent in along a railway line. View original article at BBC World News

As hackers, we like to think of ourselves as a logical bunch. But the truth is, we are as subject to fads as the general public. There was a time when the cool projects swapped green LEDs out for blue ones or added WiFi connectivity where nobody else had it. Now all the rage is to connect your project to a personal assistant. The problem is, this requires software View original article at Hack A Day

It struck a crane that was not in place when the pilot carried out site safety check, a report says. View original article at BBC World News

It’s not often that you’ll see a gigantic flying teddy bear in the sky, but thanks to the inquiring mind of Twitter user (@Cyranek), a humongous teddy bear was air borne via drone, a visual that the Internet just couldn’t get enough of. According to Mashable, Hunter wanted to test out his new DJI Mavic Pro drone and upon finding out that it could carry up to two pounds, tied a plush bear that clocked in at that exact weight to the drone before launching both into the…