[Syonyk] read that you could solder a few wires to a TEC-06 battery capacity tester, connect it to a TTL serial adapter, and it would interface with some Windows software via a serial port. You can buy it already enabled for serial, but since he had the non-connected version, he was interested in trying it. Not only did it work, but he took the time to reverse engineer the protocol and made a detailed write up about his findings and how he attacked the problem. Around here, we…

DJI is set to unveil a new consumer drone on Jan. 23, but a leak appears to have already spoiled the  announcement. The new drone is purportedly called the “Mavic Air,” and looks to be a cross between DJI’s ultra compact and foldable Mavic Pro and the even tinier, gesture-controlled Spark. And you wonder why GoPro and others have no choice but to exit the drone market.  SEE ALSO: Amid cuts, GoPro is bailing on the drone market The drone enthusiast site DroneDJ has shared what looks to…

Two swimmers were in serious trouble off the coast of Australia, until a drone came to their rescue. View original article at CNN

A new lifesaving drone has been used to rescue two teenagers from the rough seas off the coast of Australia’s Lennox Head, New South Wales. View original article at CNN

Consumer drone giant DJI loves big reveals, and it’s supposed to have one in New York City tomorrow. But, unfortunately, the cat appears to already be out of the bag: The Chinese company is said to be launching yet another new drone, the Mavic Air. According to Drone DJ, leaked info suggests the new flying … Continue reading “Details of DJI’s new drone, the Mavic Air, leak before its reveal” Consumer drone giant DJI loves big reveals, and it’s supposed to have one in New York City tomorrow….

Yes, Ed Sheeran got engaged and he didn’t even tell you. Rude. SEE ALSO: Taylor Swift parties in three cities for ‘End Game’ video with Future and Ed Sheeran Well he’s telling you now. On Sunday, Ed Sheeran revealed on Instagram that he got engaged to his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn. Got myself a fiancé just before new year View original article at Mashable

Controlling a quadcopter with hand gestures Typical uses of augmented reality devices involve inserting and manipulating digital content in the physical world. I wanted to go one step further and use an augmented reality device to manipulate a physical object. A quadcopter seemed like a natural choice, given my interest.. View original article at TechSpot

Two swimmers were stranded in rough waters off the coast of Lennox Head, New South Wales in Australia. Lifeguards piloted a drone to the swimmers and used it to release a floatation device. Both swimmers reached the shore unharmed.  Read more. View original article at Mashable

It’s almost 11pm in Australia, but Guy Pearce is full of energy. He’s talking about robots. The star of Memento and L.A. Confidential has just been in a film called Donny the Drone — a post-apocalyptic short in which an initially friendly-looking robot (voiced by Pearce) is given a humanitarian award View original article at Mashable

Daily Mail’We thought a shark was coming towards us’: The moment teens caught in a rip believed their world-first rescue drone .. View original article