As host city Pyeongchang, South Korea readies itself for the 2018 Winter Olympics, public safety is a strong point of contention. Aside from the country’s northern neighbor, there are threats that face any event with large concentrations of visitors. For the protection of this year’s athletes and spectators, special tactical.. View original article at TechSpot

While the traditional uses of drones are typically commercial or recreational, one UK-based company is using them to help the environment. BioCarbon Engineering has teamed up with drone manufacturer Parrot to create a system for autonomously planting trees to fight deforestation. View original article at TechSpot

Sure, it’ll be great when a drone can drop off your Amazon Prime goodies or 7-Eleven snacks just minutes after you order them… but it’ll be even better when they help regrow millions […] The post Reforestation Drones Can Plant 100K Trees In An Hour appeared first on View original article at Geek

Enlarge / The booster on the launch pad in Florida for a launch attempt Tuesday first flew in May, 2017. (credit: SpaceX) SpaceX began its launch campaign this year on January 7, with liftoff of the highly classified Zuma payload for the US government. Although it’s not official, multiple sources have said the mission failed to reach orbit. SpaceX has said its rocket performed nominally despite any failure, and the Air Force has backed the company up on that assertion. Perhaps the biggest vote of confidence in the…

University of Zurich researchers built an AI that flies around on a drone telling it how to navigate the streets thanks to data gleaned from self-driving cars and GoPro-toting bicycles. (Anyone else picturing Atreyu flying around on Falkor the luck dragon? Just me?) In a new paper appearing in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, Davide Scaramuzza … Continue reading “This drone learned to fly thanks to driverless cars” University of Zurich researchers built an AI that flies around on a drone telling it how to navigate the streets thanks…

A finales del año pasado, publicamos una exhaustiva guía sobre cómo protegerse contra hackers y contra la vigilancia del estado. La guía fue publicada en Inglés, pero hay muchos Americanos que no hablan Inglés. Hoy publicamos La Guía Motherboard Para Evitar Ser Hackeado en Español para los aproximadamente 41 millones de habantes nativos—Americanos, futuros ciudadanos, e inmigrantes—que viven en los Estados Unidos. En el futuro, esperamos publicar la guía en otros idiomas para personas de todo el mundo. Es importante para todos saber técnicas básicas de seguridad digital…

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s KFC’s smoky grilled wings! The fast food chain’s latest PR stunt comes in the form of KFO—a DIY drone available with […] The post KFC Meal Box Doubles as DIY Drone appeared first on View original article at Geek

Last year, DJI unveiled the Spark. It was the company’s first attempt at a doing a drone for the masses. It never really took off (pardon the pun), but DJI’s second attempt looks […] The post DJI Mavic Air Packs a Ton Of Flying Fun Into a Very Small Package appeared first on View original article at Geek

Though drone manufacturer DJI has been at the center of controversies on more than one occasion, it’s hard to deny the fact that they make some excellent — if expensive — drones. View original article at TechSpot

KFC has a long history of doing wacky PR stunts such as the time they released fried chicken scented candles or their “Extra Crispy Sunscreen.” The company has often tried gimmicky tech items like the chicken bucket photo printer or the takeout box with a USB port to charge your… View original article at TechSpot