If you’re comfortable with the technical side of becoming a consultant or contractor but are unsure what to charge for your services, you’re not alone. “How much do I charge?” is a tough question, made even tougher by the fact that discussing money can be awkward, and at times virtually taboo. As a result it’s not uncommon for the issue to get put off because it’s outside one’s comfort zone. Technical people in particular tend to suffer from an “if you build it, they will come” mentality; we…

A remote Welsh village has superfast broadband after a drone was used to install fibre cables. View original article at BBC World News

A newly-surfaced Immigration and Customs Enforcement memo alleges that DJI is feeding sensitive data to the Chinese government. China’s DJI, the world’s-largest maker of consumer and business drones, is pushing back strongly on what it calls an “insane” memo issued by the federal government claiming the company is essentially spying on the U.S. for the Chinese government.Read Full Story View original article at FastCompany

A memo from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau says the firm’s commercial products may be sending sensitive information about U.S. infrastructure back to China, raising security concerns. Original article at nytimes.com

Filed by Seattle-based company Amazon, the innovative drone patent outlines a release system that includes ‘attachment mechanisms, such as clips, latches, hooks’. View original article at Daily Mail Online

NASA just tested the limits of artificial and human intelligence by pitting an AI-operated drone against one flown by a man.   The test was supported in part by Google-funded research and took place at an indoor track in Pasadena, CA. The drones flew at speeds of approximately 40 miles per hour. The opponents completed TK races.   To ensure the race was as evenly matched as possible, scientists enlisted pilot Ken Loo (aka FlyingBear), who participates in the International Drone Racing League View original article at Mashable

Some people look forward to the day when robots have taken over all our jobs and given us an economy where we can while our days away on leisure activities. But if your idea of play is drone racing, you may be out of luck if this AI pilot for high-speed racing drones has anything to say about it. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab has been working for the past two years to develop the algorithms needed to let high-performance UAVs navigate typical drone racing obstacles, and from the look…

Amazon wants to deliver stuff using drones, but what if one of them suffered a catastrophic problem on the way to your home? Its proposed solution, as outlined in a recently granted patent, is intriguing. The post Amazon delivery drone could self-disintegrate for safety if it falls from sky appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

Russia has long been known for making large machines. They hold the current record for the largest helicopter ever made – the MiL V12. Same goes for the world’s largest airplane, the Antonov An-225. Largest submarine? Yep, they made that too – the Typhoon class. It would appear they’ve thrown their hat in the drone business as well View original article at Hack A Day

An Australian company has created a drone that alerts swimmers and beach-goers of the proximity of a shark. Although shark attacks are a rare occurrence (you’re more likely to be … Read more The post How an Aussie company is using drones to protect surfers from shark attacks appeared first on Techly View original article at Techly