On Monday, the GPS of two ships in Russian waters told them they were actually 12 miles away at the Sochi airport, site of the 2014 winter Olympics.         View original article at USA Today

What’s better than a cool build? A cool build with valuable advice! Add a few flashy pictures and you have [Martin Raynsford]’s Reuleaux triangle coasters blog post. [Martin Raynsford] wanted to share his advice about the importance of using jigs and we’re sold. He was able to make 100 coasters in a single day and if he’s like us, after number ten, the work gets a little hurried and that is when mistakes are made. Jig is a broad term when it comes to tooling but essentially, it…

With two passenger seats, 16 rotors, and a touchscreen for navigation, the innovative Passenger Drone promises to transport you to your office in style. Coming soon to a sky near you. The post This 16-rotor Passenger Drone is the personal taxi service of your dreams appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

We’ve seen multiple flying car self-flying electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) concepts lately, as short air travel has been tabbed as a next-gen solution for urban transportation issues. But many of those crafts are still in the early design stages. The latest company to debut its designs for a flying machine is Passenger Drone, which emerged from a three-year-long stealth mode to show off its two-seater prototype. The craft is slightly bigger than a small car and boasts 16 individual electric engines and rotors for zero-emissions air…

The National Park Service prohibited drone flying inside its parks in 2014. Now, the federal government is banning drones from even getting near 10 specific landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. On Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced it will “restrict drone flights up to 400 feet” from the boundaries of this varied collection of national park monuments, historical parks, memorials, and other places such as dams. The new restrictions go into effect on Oct. 5, and the complete list can be found here…

Engineers from BAE Systems, a defence firm based in London and Hampshire, claim the adaptable flight modes will make the craft perfectly suited to modern warfare. View original article at Daily Mail Online

A woman loaded up a drone with coffee that was flown several kilometres and landed smoothly on the rooftop of a Mercedes-Benz van in Zurich. View original article at Daily Mail Online

The Federal Aviation Administration recently announced that as of October 5, it’ll be illegal to fly drones over the Statue of Liberty and several other US landmarks. View original article at TechSpot

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Shooting drone videos at famous landmarks is gradually becoming harder. The FAA on Thursday announced flight bans at a number of famous sites, among them the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and the Hoover Dam. The post Drone flights banned at major U.S. landmarks from October appeared first on Digital Trends View original article at Digital Trends