The worst nightmare of every helicopter parent has come true: earlier this month, a 6.4-pound drone crashed at a movie premiere in Pasadena, hitting a one-year-old baby in the head. Read more.. View original article at Gizmodo

The rules are changing as people discover drones’ unexpected intrusions.         View original article at USA Today

Lockheed Martin this week revealed its Skunk Works proposal for a next-generation U-2 spy plane, a tactical reconnaissance aircraft called ‘TR-X’ that can be flown as a drone if needed. View original article at Daily Mail Online

David Black A Cornwall man appears to be the first person to actually receive a Zano—the little drone manufactured by Torquing Group, a British startup that Ars visited earlier this year. The customer, David Black, went to go pick it up in person late last week from the office in western Wales rather than waiting for it to be shipped, as he happened to be in the area. Earlier this year, Torquing raised over £2.3 million ($3.4 million) in under two months, becoming the most crowdfunded Kickstarter project in…

FLYBi promises to turn anyone into a professional drone pilot with its new drone that can land without assistance, replace its own batteries and more. The post The FLYBi drone uses head-tracking VR goggles to put your eyes in the sky appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

Researchers from UCSD have created a breakthrough invisibility cloak that potentially could hide military UAVs from the naked eye, and the tech has caught the attention of the Defense Department. The post A breakthrough in cloak technology just caught the attention of the Defense Department appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

The Flir One thermal imaging camera is awesome fun , but when you put the technology on a drone, it also becomes quite useful. That’s why the company is now targeting anyone from farmers to firefighters with a new camera, the Flir Vue Pro that’s specifically designed for the GoPro mounts on drones.Read more.. View original article at Gizmodo

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We’ve seen flying drones race, fly in formations or even fire guns, but this project takes the little flying machines’ usability to the next level by having several drones build an actual rope bridge Called “Aerial Construction,” the project is a joint effort by Zurich’s Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control and Gramazio Kohler Research, with the goal to “investigate and develop methods and techniques for robotic aerial construction.” See also: Highly accurate fisherman hooks a drone midflight The result, which you can see in the video posted…

GTimofey The Federal Aviation Administration has opened an investigation after a DJI Inspire 1 crashed and injured a nearly one-year-old girl in Pasadena, California earlier this month. The crash of the 6.4 pound drone took place during a September 12 movie screening of The Princess Bride at City Hall, according to the Pasadena Star News. The child sustained a quarter-inch cut on her head and a bump on the forehead—she was seen at Huntington Memorial Hospital and released. On Monday, Ian Gregor, an FAA spokesman for the Pacific Division, told Ars in a…