Wow. This drone zooms so fast through this abandoned hospital in Spain that I’m pretty sure it might’ve reached warp speed. All the footage in the video below, taken by CHARPU FPV, is in real time. It’s pretty amazing control to fit into such small holes in the building and fly so gracefully through the hallways at such ridiculous speeds.Read more View original article at Gizmodo

After hearing about the new video capabilities of the iPhone 6S Plus I really wanted to take one for a spin. So fellow Mashable Video Producer and BMX rider Jon Lynn and I decided there was only one thing to do — make it epic. I recruited my drone pilot and gear gadget friend Christopher Kaczmarzyk to equip us with his Ronin-M 3 axis gimbal stabilizer. After a very simple calibration I was off and literally running. Almost every moving shot in this piece is me running alongside Jon in…

Learning how to fly a drone is scary . First of all drones are scary. They have a bad habit of falling out of the sky and into the stands of very important tennis matches . But flying in general is scary because, well, most people have never done it. Yuneec makes it magically easy and safe View original article at Gizmodo

Apple has for many years attempted to project its incoherent definition of decency onto iPhone users, typically when it comes to sex. But as of today, we know that news about killer drone strikes is too hot for the App Store, too.Read more.. View original article at Gizmodo

Stunning drone footage has captured the moment a pair of Humpback Whales got up close to a paddle boarder near a Western Australia beach, putting the size of the mammals into perspective. View original article at Daily Mail Online