The US doesn’t have a problem punishing foreign hackers. The government killed an ISIS hacker with a drone in August. It quickly sanctioned North Korea following the Sony hack. So why hasn’t the United States retaliated against the OPM hackers? Read more. View original article at Gizmodo

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Drone owners have it easy. They don’t have to wash their UAVs before sending them up into the sky. If you’re an owner of an underwater robot, on the other hand, you owe it to the planet to give that ROV of yours a thorough scrub.A paper published Monday in the open access journal Tropical Conservation Science warns that, while the proliferation of tiny, consumer-friendly remotely operated underwater vehicles is great for citizen science, it may not be so great for the ocean if owners don’t take proper…

African poachers may find it difficult to hide in the near future as drone technology joins the fight against this illegal hunting practice. The post Drones prove successful at detecting poachers in early trials appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

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