Despite climbing to the top of a 200-foot wind turbine in Rhode Island for some solitude, a monk found his sunbathing session interrupted by a drone, which captured footage of him and his now not-so-secret happy place. The post It’s a bird, it’s a plane! It’s a drone interrupting a monk’s sunbathing session on a wind turbine! appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

Wonder no longer about whether you’re allowed to fly a drone in your current location, because the FAA’s new app for smartphones will tell you exactly where the nearby prohibited areas are. The post FAA’s new app lays down the rules for drone flights appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

When I first set out to fly some hobby drones, I had no idea where to go. I had to scour the web to figure out where I could fly without getting into trouble. Even then, I found precious little info. The FAA’s new iPhone app sounds exactly like what I was looking for.Read more View original article at Gizmodo

Doctors have seen a lot of gross stuff. So when one jumps back in surprise during a procedure, we should all take note. This cyst had been growing for three months on a patient’s leg before he went in to have it drained. As is customary, the doctor cleans the growth and prepares to puncture it — but the cyst just can’t wait to get started! If you love the thrill and satisfaction of popping lesions, this is the video for you. If not, please move on to…

Most of us have grown jaded to the lovely high-res video that drones deliver these days, which is so ubiquitous that it’s being used to recruit pledges to Greek life . Here’s something to restore your sense of wonder. Read more.. View original article at Gizmodo

Boeing this week unveiled one of its latest military projects — a drone-targeting laser cannon. Called the Compact Laser Weapon System, the weapon uses a focused laser beam to incinerate a UAV in just a few seconds. The post Boeing’s newest laser cannon can destroy a UAV in two seconds flat appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

Space travel, virtual reality, and drones are all fertile territory for investors.A new report says space travel startups have raised a staggering $1.9 billion since 2014. Venture capital database CB Insights released the report, titled “Future of Frontier Tech,” which also says that drone startups have raised $285 million since 2014 and virtual/augmented reality companies $1 billion.Read Full Story View original article at FastCompany

Boeing announced this week that it has successfully developed a new compact laser weapon system. And watch your back drones–because this one has been made with you in mind.Read more.. View original article at Gizmodo

Boeing says it has successfully shot a drone out of the sky using a high-powered laser during a test. View original article at BBC World News

With public cameras growing ever-more-ubiquitous, there’s seemingly no such thing as privacy anymore—not even atop a 200-foot-tall wind turbine. A drone pilot named Kevin Miller was flying his unmanned aircraft in Rhode Island when it spotted a man sunbathing on top of a wind turbine. It’s unclear who the man is or how he got up there, though an open hatch next to him implies that he climbed up a ladder to reach the top. Perhaps he’s an engineer, or just a daredevil who gets his kicks climbing…