In the grand ranking of remote-controlled vehicles, the only thing better than a remote controlled plane is a remote-controlled boat. At least, that’s what I used to think. After playing with Parrot’s new generation of Minidrones, I realize that a remote controlled hydrofoil is the true champion of RC anything.Read more. View original article at Gizmodo

This Saturday, a small drone carrying the abortion-inducing pills mifepristone and misoprostol will fly from Germany to a border town in Poland. And yes, “Abortion Drone” sounds like the name of an anarchist punk band, but this is the most badass drone aid mission yet.Read more.. View original article at Gizmodo

NDTVDrone strike on Islamic State in Iraq kills Benghazi suspect, US saysChristian Science MonitorAl Awri al-Harzi, a Benghazi suspect described as a mid-level Islamic State operative, was killed in a drone strike June 15 while driving a car in Mosul, the Pentagon said. By Michael Holtz, Staff writer June 23, 2015. Save for later Saved View original article

No one noticed the two men in the alley as the darkness of midnight approached – their long, black trench coats acting like a soldier’s camouflage. “You got the goods?” “Yeah, these are hot man…super fast..check this…” The bark of a police siren broke their whispered conversation like a shattering glass, causing the two men to briefly freeze in their steps. “Johnny B View original article at Hack A Day

A team in the Netherlands has designed a drone to help fisherman (shown). It has a winch that lowers an underwater camera and the bait. It lets fisherman avoid getting their line stuck in plants. View original article at Daily Mail Online

The British-made Malloy Hoverbike, which burst onto the scene last year as a Kickstarter project, is being picked up by the US Department of Defense. The DoD is looking at the hoverbike as a multiple-role transport craft: it can transport soldiers over difficult terrain, but it can also operate in drone mode, providing logistical or surveillance support. The Malloy Hoverbike, developed by Malloy Aeronautics (MA) in Berkshire, began its life as a bi-copter: a carbon fibre chassis with a motorbike engine in the middle, with two very large props…

Combine two up-and-coming technologies — virtual reality and quadrotors — add an abandoned warehouse, tell OSHA to piss off, and you’ve got the recipe for first-person-view drone racing, aka the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Read more… View original article at Gizmodo

BBC NewsUS says Benghazi attack suspect killed in IraqBBC NewsThe US says an air strike in Iraq has killed an Islamic State (IS) militant linked to an attack on a US diplomatic compound in Libya three years ago. The Pentagon says Ali Awni al-Harzi died on 15 June in the city of Mosul, which is controlled by IS. He was  View original article

Adding to the growing heap of evidence that the cord cutting trend is driven by the young, Spotify has released findings from a new survey where it compared the music tastes of cord cutters to those who still pay for traditional TV subscriptions. It showed that the kind of people who still subscribe to cable are the same people who listen to gospel music and avoid EDM: aka old people.The music streaming service got data from research company Experian Marketing Services, which does a quarterly survey of 25,000…

Crack open a consumer drone today and you’ll most likely find radio antennae, a camera and sensors all packed separately into the machine, wasting weight and energy. View original article at LA Times