In what’s quickly becoming humanity’s favorite spectator sport, SpaceX will, for the third time this year, attempt to land a Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship in the middle of the ocean.Read more… View original article at Gizmodo

Comments section tough guys and fictional sitcom characters like Ron Swanson have popularized the idea that it’s completely acceptable to shoot a drone out of the sky. As one man in California recently learned, it’s not: A judge just awarded a drone pilot $850 in a lawsuit related to the shotgunning of his custom-built drone.Way back in November, I was contacted by a man who said his drone had just been shot while flying over his parents’ farm. Before talking on the record to the press, he wanted…

This week in drone news: A California man finds his drone shot down by a neighbor who thought it was a spying device, and another UAV stops a firefighting mission in the San Bernardino Mountains. The post A new threat to your drone: Neighbors with shotguns appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

In Christopher Golden’s latest novel Tin Men, drone warfare is taken to a new extreme: robotic foot soldiers. In it, soldiers are uploaded into robots to stem soldier casualties while maintaining world order. When the power is cut, trapping them inside, they face their greatest test.Read more. View original article at Gizmodo

While we’ve heard of consumer drones getting in the way of commercial airliners, and more recently, obstructing firefighting operations, we’ve haven’t heard of many cases where drones are shot out of the sky by a neighbor. Eric Joe, told Ars he was flying his homemade drone over his parents’ orchard late last year. After just three-and-a-half minutes of flight time, a single shotgun blast rang out from the neighbor’s property at the low-flying, slow-moving hexacopter. The drone came crashing down instantly and was damaged beyond repair. After the neighbor,…

A Dutch women’s rights group uses a drone to fly abortion pills into Poland, in protest at the country’s restrictive laws. View original article at BBC World News

Here comes yet another drone-zapping laser: A German missile manufacturer built this Death Star-like beam to protect world leaders. And it works, too: in a field test, it took down a mini-drone in three seconds flat.Read more.. View original article at Gizmodo

US Department of Agriculture The Lake Fire in California’s San Bernadino county has engulfed tens of thousands of acres of national forest, and on Wednesday, three planes carrying flame retardant were prevented from dropping their cargo on the burning forest below due to interference from a private drone. A DC-10 carrying 10,800 gallons of retardant, and two smaller planes also carrying retardant, were diverted from a drop site south of Big Bear Lake, where scattered homes were being threatened by the encroaching fire, the Los Angeles Times wrote….

SpaceX, a company full of talented and intelligent people, has spent the last year exploding some really expensive hardware in the middle of the Atlantic . But believe it or not, the company’s goal isn’t actually to rack up YouTube views—it’s to build a reusable rocket system. Here’s how they plan to stop screwing up. Read more. View original article at Gizmodo

Drought-stricken California has seen a wildfire rage on this week, but when planes carrying flame retardant attempted to contain the fire Wednesday, someone’s hobby drone hovering over the scene got in the way.Read more… View original article at Gizmodo