Drone and Star Wars enthusiast, known on the Internet as Oliver C., is back at it again, this time with an X-Wing Starfighter. Previously, Oliver created a Millennium Falcon, TIE Inceptor and an Imperial Star Destroyer modification for his custom quadcopter, which are mainly built from a lightweight styrofoam and metal. But a fleet of miniature Star Wars crafts is not complete without an X-Wing. We’re still waiting on that Death Star, Oliver View original article at Mashable

Most high schoolers would be happy to just touch the rim. Teenage all star Terrance Ferguson shocked his teammates and probably increased his 5-star recruitment stock with a monster 360-degree dunk. It’s mind-boggling that the hoop wasn’t completely obliterated as Ferguson meteored the ball down from well above the rim. The video’s description calls it an “insane never-before-seen dunk.” While the first part is certainly true, he’s not even the first Terrance to accomplish the feat View original article at Mashable

Singer Enrique Iglesias on Sunday showed what can happen if you get your fingers caught up in the propellers of a quadcopter – and it ain’t pretty. The Spanish performer was on stage at a concert in Mexico when the bloody incident occurred. The post Enrique Iglesias grabs drone during concert, bloody mess ensues appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

If we someday end up in a dystopian future full of killer drones, we may look back on May 31, 2015 as the turning point. Or, it might just be that time Enrique Iglesias tried to grab a drone during a concert, and ended up getting his fingers sliced See also: Runway drones are the new supermodel During a show in Tijuana, Mexico, Iglesias grabbed a propeller-driven drone that was hovering above him, as it took video of its surroundings. A spokesperson for the singer said Iglesias had…