In university lectures, it can be difficult to tune out the social media racket and pay attention to a lecturer drone on about the anthropic principle. But a new app might just tempt college kids to switch off. Because free food is involved. The new app, called Pocket Points, rewards students for not using their phones during class. Pocket Points ‘Pita Pit’ screenshot Attend class, open up the app and start gaining points View original article at Techly

What’s the most romantic way a guy can propose to his girlfriend? At Wrestlemania, of course. A guy popped the big question at the wrestling event of the year this weekend at Wrestlemania 31 in San Jose. Her response? An overwhelming “YES, YES, YES!” (The crowd provided some help.) This is a marriage proposal Daniel Bryan would approve of. Stop what you’re doing, because Gonzo is doing ‘The Humpty Dance’ Vin Diesel talks about ‘Furious 8’ before ‘Furious 7’ is even out Shep the herding drone may replace…

New York TimesHouse Panel Seeks Private Talk With Hillary Clinton About EmailNew York TimesWASHINGTON — The chairman of the House select committee investigating the Benghazi attacks asked Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday to appear for a private interview about her exclusive use of a personal email account when she was secretary of .. View original article

In an apparent effort to highlight what it sees as the FAA’s overly cautious approach to drone testing in the U.S., Amazon has revealed it’s conducting Prime Air test flights in Canada, just feet from the U.S. border View original article at Digital Trends

Amazon is testing its drone delivery service at a “secret site” in British Columbia, Canada. That’s according to a report from The Guardian Although Amazon is keeping the location of the test site under wraps, it’s reportedly just 2,000 feet from the U.S. border — less than half a mile See also: Amazon gets the green light to test drones in the U.S View original article at Mashable