Parrot’s new Bebop drone has arrived, and we’ve been dying to play with it. The remarkably stable new aircraft sports a fully controllable fisheye camera, as well as a sophisticated controller that works with an iPad, for real-time viewingMashable’s chief correspondent Lance Ulanoff took the Bebop on a fly-through of our New York headquarters. See also: Erupting volcano: 1. Drones: 0. The result: a relatively successful test flight that succeeded in simultaneously thrilling and creeping out a lot of people View original article at Mashable

Since the next Fast and the Furious doesnt come out for a few months, this will have to do the trick.This video of a group of remote-controlled race cars driving in tandem across a toy racetrack is a sight to see. Kuma Films, a Taiwanese production firm, filmed these guys racing their cars on a toy track in Japan. Requiring some impressive concentration, the four cars take the corners smoothly without crashing into each other and performed some sweet tricks.Although it looks like theyre playing around, the behind-the-scenes…

After months of fighting against disclosure of its drone use, the FBI has committed to following White House guidelines issued earlier this month. There’s just one catch: Despite repeatedly refusing to release privacy impact assessments regarding its drone uswhich legally must be public by defaultthe Bureau claims to already be in line with the presidents standards, which include a public disclosure timeline and broad principles for protecting civil liberties.In short, the FBI says it’s following all of the government’s drone guidelines, but is incapable or unwilling to provide…

Predator drones were originally designed for military operations, but they’ve found a new use in the Department of Homeland Security. A fleet of nine drones patrol the skies over the southern US border […] View original article at Geek

The U.S. Navy have used some pretty cool vehicles and gadgets in the last few years, like stealth-modified helicopters, satellite linked helmets and even tactical canine body armour. But when it comes to keeping the waters safe, the navy’s new GhostSwimmer might just steal the limelight. Image via the U View original article at Techly

Drones can withstand a great deal, but lava is not one of them. Sam Crossman and his team were filming an active volcano on the island nation of Vanuatu in the south Pacific Ocean when he learned this lesson the hard way. While capturing footage of the volcano and the surrounding area, two of Crossman’s drones succumbed to the heat and lava See also: Drones will dance, fight and race in upcoming drone circus Luckily, Crossman and his team were still able to recover footage of the spectacular…

Five ways to force a mystery drone to land View original article at BBC World News

The arrests came after a second straight night of unidentified flying objects being spotted over some of Paris’s most identifiable landmarks. Original article at

An Al-Jazeera journalist is to appear in a French court accused of flying a drone illegally over Paris as mystery continues over night-time drone flights. View original article at BBC World News

The Brainflight technology was demonstrated at an event in Lisbon. A ‘pilot’ fitted with a EEG cap flew and landed a drone using bespoke software that converted his brainwaves into drone commands. View original article at Daily Mail Online