Northrop Grumman’s MQ-8C Fire Scout has been tested aboard the USS Dunham, and could soon be seen on US warships headed to battle. View original article at Daily Mail Online

Before the new year rolls around and we all find ourselves subjected to rampant speculations about What Will Happen in 2015, maybe we should take stock of all the predictions that were bandied about last year. Science, business, journalism, governancemuch of what we do is based primarily on speculation. How people think the world works, what people think other people need and need to know, what people think their lives should look like. Speculation is fundamental to being human.Of course, in the age of mass media, some of those speculations are…

Today Iranian military forces tested various unmanned aircraft that some are calling “suicide drones.” Because “suicide drone” sounded more intimidating than “model airplane that we could fly into things nearby.”Read more.. View original article at Gizmodo

Hindustan TimesPakistan army kills 39 militants near Afghan border in fresh assaultHindustan TimesPakistani warplanes and ground forces killed 39 militants as part of an ongoing operation in a volatile tribal region near the Afghan border, the Pakistani military said. The airstrikes were carried out Friday evening in the Datta Khel area of the North Waziristan . View original article

The U.S. Navy successfully flew the MQ-8C Fire Scout system for the first time off the USS Jason Dunham. View original article at CNN