The commercial drone industry could approach $2 billion by 2020.Once upon a time, if you wanted aerial footage from a GoPro, you had to attach the camcorder to a hobby drone from a company like Parrot or DJI. An eagle would also do in a pinch. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, it looks like GoPro is developing its own line of of commercial drones to sell directly to consumers.Read Full Story View original article at FastCompany

The list is not comprehensive, but it still provides a good idea of why the F.A.A. and others are increasingly concerned about the safe operation of drones. Original article at

On Wednesday the Washington Post reported that the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has seen a considerable uptick in the number of complaints from pilots and air traffic control personnel about near-collisions with drones. Specifically, the FAA data say that since June 1, small drones “came within a few seconds or a few feet of crashing into much larger aircraft” 25 times, and that pilots have reported seeing drones in restricted airspace more than 175 times. Many of those near-collisions happened near an airport, and a bulk of the…

Pranksters’ antics are forcing public safety officials to look at the air above them, generally thought safe and secure, as a place for potential trouble. Original article at

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that GoPro is going to start making its own consumer drones. Specifically, the action camera company is going to market “multi-rotor helicopters with high-def camera lenses late next year.” Makes sense!Read more.. View original article at Gizmodo

GoPros are already often used with drones to capture unique videos and perspectives. Naturally, GoPro is cutting the middle man and trying its hand at developing its own drones. The company, known for its high-durability action cameras, is putting together a line of multi-rotor helicopters that carry high-definition cameras, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The price tag will be between $500 and $1,000 See also: The 19 best drone photos of 2014 Due to drones’ current popularity, consumers have some pretty cheap options to…

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The Cargo Pocket Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance program, known also as CP-ISR, is a new nano-drone concept dreamed up by the folks at the Army’s Natick Soldier Research Center. Where as most unmanned aircraft look to provide info as to what is going on over the next hill, or far over horizon, CP-ISR is all about looking around the next doorway or hedge. Read more.. View original article at Gizmodo

Planned federal rules would likely preclude delivery drones being developed by Amazon and Google, and make some other potential drone uses too expensive for small businesses, industry proponents said. View original article at Wall Street Journal

In 2006 Maker Media, the company behind Make Magazine, launched Maker Faire in Californias Bay Area. The idea is both simple and abstract: a safe haven for geek crafters and DIY enthusiasts with the distinction of being an entirely kid-friendly environment. The event was a runaway success and since 2013 there have been 98 officially endorsed Maker Faires all around the world. In Toronto, weve been hosting the Toronto Mini Maker Faire since 2011, with this years being held at the Toronto Reference Library, the biggest venue yet.DIY…