The police force says it’s hard to tell if a drone is friend or foe.The New York Police Department is concerned the next terrorist attack could possibly be carried out by consumer drones armed with guns, explosives, or chemical weapons.Read Full Story View original article at FastCompany

Can’t take a vacation right now, because of silly obstacles like your job or money or your kids or fear of flying? Well, this video is kind of like a little vacation in itself. It features drone footage captured in the gorgeous Mentawai Islands of Indonesia and comes complete with soothing but upbeat music. So grab your headphones and allow yourself a five-minute escape from it all. (h/t Boing Boing) View original article at Time Magazine

This is what it looks like to fly a drone over the vast expanse of icy, but thawing and human-stained Greenland.Thank glaciologist Jason Box for the Arctic birds-eye view of one of the most serene, alien landscapes on the planet. Box spends much of his time in the polar north, which landed him in the headlines a few times this year: First, when he told me that if humans release a fraction of Arctic methane were fucked—his message went viral—and again when his crowd-funded Dark Snow project returned striking…

Today, San Diego is the capital of America’s multibillion dollar drone industry. Reno wants to take that title back.When you think of Nevada, you think of a lot of things–casinos, hookers, quickie marriages and divorces–that are really about Las Vegas. To the north of Sin City you have a region that, like many places in the country, is yearning to jumpstart a new industry that could drive good-paying middle class jobs. Increasingly, Nevadans think they’ve found that opportunity zooming unmanned over their heads View original article at FastCompany

It still costs an arm and a leg (and sometimes an entire Antares rocket) to lift crews and cargo into space. So until we get around to building that space elevator we’ve always wanted, NASA will just have to use this drone-towed, pilot-less, rocket-launching glider.Read more.. View original article at Gizmodo