Image: AmazonSo, when are commercial drones finally going to be implemented on a widespread basis in American skies in a legal, Federal Aviation Administration-approved way? Maybe never. A scathing new Inspector General report suggests that the office of the FAA tasked with integrating drones into the national air space is in disarray and suggests that the agency has so many hurdles to clear before drones can be safely integrated nationwide that it believes the day drones become commonplace may never come.”While it is certain that the FAA will accommodate…

The “People’s UAV,” paid for by crowdfunding, will watch the Ukraine-Russia border. In a strange case of crowdfunding meets national defense, a group of Ukrainians have launched a website to help fund the construction of a fleet of drones to patrol the country’s border with Russia. The People’s Project has successfully raised approximately $36,000 to build an initial squadron of 10 “People’s UAVs”—autonomous octocopter drones equipped with cameras View original article at Ars Technica

Crowdfunding may not be the usual method for raising cash to help equip a national army with fighting apparatus and drones, but a Ukraine IT executive intent on supporting his country’s troops has found the platform to be just the ticket. The post Crowdfunding helps Ukrainians build ‘people’s drone’ to aid poorly resourced army appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

Los Angeles residents were pretty stoked when the Kings beat the Rangers to win the 2014 Stanley Cup. Heck, even the mayor went on TV to raise a pint and swear in celebration. […] View original article at Geek

The U.S. government uses them to bomb alleged terrorists in far-away places. Tech companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook are all toying with the idea of using them, and now they’re a photographer’s secret weapon. Drones are a big part of our lives, whether we see them or not View original article at Mashable