We’ve heard the argument that tablets make great robot heads. The have tons of components that robots require: a microphone, a camera, and a touchscreen for input, and speakers and an LCD for output. There’s also a processor and app platform that can power the interface. Google’s Project Tango—basically an Xbox Kinect shrunk down into a smartphone—can take things a step further. It has enough sensors that it can also handle vision and navigation View original article at Ars Technica

Publisher Stephen Kosloff tweeted shocking images from the party, organised by gadget website Gizmodo, of his blood-stained t- shirt after an out of control drone hit him in the head. View original article at Daily Mail Online

Learn more about the more peaceful uses for drones, like delivering medicine and mapping during disasters, in this inspiring video by Ideo.org.Drones don’t have the greatest reputation, thanks to the fact that they’ve mostly been used for spy missions and as remote killing machines. But a team at Ideo.org thinks that the technology–which they prefer to call “intelligent flying robots”–could also help solve the world’s biggest health challenges View original article at FastCompany

Martha Stewart has a drone, but she only does boring stuff with it. The lifestyle queen told Vanity Fair that she doesn’t use her drone for anything cool like tracking down prison yard enemies. She just uses it to take pretty pictures. “It has a little camera. You connect it to your iPhone, and you can control it with your iPhone, and it flies all over my farm and takes pictures,” she said View original article at Time Magazine

You probably already knew that Google’s crazy Project Tango smartphone was more of a pocket-sized 3D mapping machine than a phone. Now, researchers have combined Tango with a quadrotor to create an autonomous […] View original article at Geek