We spent a little bit of time at the TI booth at Maker Faire to film a pair of interviews. The first is with [Bill Esposito] who is grinding away on his PhD. at Stanford. He’s showing off an Analog Shield for Arduino. He describes it as “an attempt to bring the analog bench to an Arduino shield” View original article at Hack A Day

Ten minute pizza delivery instead of the usual 30 minutes or less? The future is looking pretty good – and fast – thanks to drone technology! In Mumbai, India, Francesco’s Pizzeria has attracted the nation’s attention – not for their thin-crust pizzas made with a secret BBQ lime sauce, but with their method of delivery. The restaurant recently used a remote-controlled four-rotor drone as their pizza guy, sending it up a skyscraper about 1.5 kilometres away. In a city notorious for its traffic jams, unpaved streets, and cows…

After the first flight of your newly built multi-copter, you will immediately want to add a camera. This sequence of events follows the laws of physics and is as predictable as gravity. Just strapping a camera on by way of a fixed bracket may technically solve that problem, but it creates another. A multi-copter tilts and rolls as a result of changing flight direction. If the multi-copter tilts and rolls, so does your camera View original article at Hack A Day

A bird’s eye camera sweeps over the green fields of Ireland, flies over the towering Cliffs of Moher and pans the ocean hundreds of feet below. View original article at CNN

Last week I attended a lively tech party and was hit in the head by a flying drone. Given that drones are as controversial as they are ubiquitous in the media, I know what’s going through your head right now: “How can I also get hit in the head by a drone?”Read more… View original article at Gizmodo