InterDrone Flies South to Dallas for 2020 Conference, Expo

One of the largest annual drone-industry expos is heading south. InterDrone recently announced a change of venue from last year’s event in Las Vegas to Dallas

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Military Drone AI Based on Gamers and IRS ‘Fortnite’ Taxes Are How We Get to ‘Metal Gear’

I’ve got a range of opinions on the video game violence debate. No, games don’t people more violent. No, they shouldn’t be banned. Yes, kids shouldn’t play games for adults. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to criticize excessive game violence

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DJI is Using Drones to Help in the Fight Against Coronavirus: Spraying Drones Disinfect Public Spaces

The ways in which drones can be used for good just keeps expanding.  The world’s largest drone manufacturer DJI has published an article describing how the company is modifying spraying drones to assist public health officials in China in the fight against the coronavirus

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Nothing Says I Love You Like a Valentines Day Discount from DJI (Ends Today!)

Too late for flowers?  Is your spouse on a diet and not into chocolate?   Guitar skills not quite up to serenading your sweetie? No problem – nothing says I love you like a drone for Valentine’s day –  or at least a cool camera to take all of the action sequences that you are planning […] The post Nothing Says I Love You Like a Valentines Day Discount from DJI (Ends Today!) appeared first on DRONELIFE.

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Parrot and RIIS Partner to Develop AI Applications

Back in 2018, IT consultancy and mobile app development specialists RIIS showed how, with a little help from Google’s machine learning platform, TensorFlow, a DJI drone could be used to count the number of sheep in a field in real-time. At the time it was an interesting, albeit niche glimpse into how drones and AI […] The post Parrot and RIIS Partner to Develop AI Applications appeared first on DRONELIFE

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Mars 2020 Rover: Curiosity’s Hi-Tech Twin is Strapped for Science; Includes a Flying Drone

While Mars may be significantly behind its sunward neighbor in terms of the number of motor vehicles crawling over its surface, it seems like we’re doing our best to close that gap. Over the last 23 years, humans have sent four successful rovers to the surface of the Red Planet, from the tiny Sojourner to the Volkswagen-sized Curiosity. These vehicles have all carved their six-wheeled tracks into the Martian dust, probing the soil and the atmosphere and taking pictures galore, all of which contribute mightily to our understanding of our (sometimes) nearest planetary neighbor.
You’d think then that sending still more

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Flywheel Stores Energy to Power an Airplane – Eventually

Question: Can a flywheel store enough energy to power an airplane? Answer: Yes it can, for certain values of “flywheel” and “airplane.”
About the only person we can think of who would even attempt to build a flywheel-powered airplane is [Tom Stanton]. He’s a great one for off-the-wall ideas that often pay off, like his Coandă effect hovercraft, as well as for ideas that never got far off the ground, or suddenly met it again. For most of the video below, it seems like his flywheel-powered plane is destined to stay firmly in the last category, and indeed, the idea of

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FLIR Delta Podcast: Randall Warnas Speaks with Rod Dayrit on Intelligent Drone Charging Systems

In this episode, Randall Warnas of FLIR meets up with Rod Dayrit, Delta-Q Technology. Rod has an extensive background in the mobile industry has moved to the battery charging space

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Star Wars-like Israeli drone defense system downs multiple targets with high-powered laser beam

Manufacturers of the Israeli-made Drone Dome C-UAS hailed the system a ‘100 per cent success’ after it brought down drones that were zig-zagging sharply during tests.

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The Commercial Drone Industry: Bubble Burst, or Billion Dollar Industry? What the Data Says

Answering questions about a new industry is challenging: data can be hard to come by.  Media guesses range from “game over” to “billion dollar growth industry

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