Drone Mapping is Getting Bigger and Better: SimActive’s Philippe Simard Talks Industry Trends

  Philippe Simard, of Canada’s SimActive mapping software, started out working directly with large mapping companies – or the military.  With the growth of the drone industry, however, things have changed

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@DroneRacingLife: FanDuel Partners with Drone Racing League

Missing your favorite NBA fantasy rivalry? The Drone Racing League’s got you covered in what’s sure to become the sports antidote to our shared cabin fever. The DRL is hooking up with FanDuel, giving the fantasy-sports giant access to the 2020 DRL SIM Tryouts Finals, the world’s only player-to-pilot e-sports tournament

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Drone Biz: AUVSI Webinar Addresses Payroll Stimulus Plan

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International is helping commercial drone providers navigate the complicated skies of COVID-19 economic stimulus. On Friday, April 3 at 2-3 p

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Medical Drone Delivery Success in Ireland

In September, DroneLife reported on the world’s first BVLOS medical delivery in Ireland. Researchers at NUI Galway partnered with German drone startup Wingcopter to transport prescription medication and blood samples for diabetes patients

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Autonomous 3D Rover With Tank Tracks Rules The Fields. Almost

Scope creep is a real pain in the real world, but for projects of passion it can have some interesting consequences. [rctestflight] was playing around with 3D printed rover gearboxes, which morphed into a 3D printed tank build.
[rctestflight]’s previous autonomous rover project had problems with the cheap geared motors, and he started experimenting with his own gearbox designs to use with lower RPM / Kv brushless drone motors. The tank came about because he wanted a simple vehicle to test his design. “Simple” went out the window pretty quickly and the final product was completely 3D printed except for the fasteners,

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DroneUp Acquires AeroVista Innovations, Enterprise Level Drone Training

DroneUp is a leading drone services provider.  With an impressive list of contracts around the country, including numerous state level agreements, DroneUp has been able to scale by using a combination of software and training protocols that ensure quality pilots and quality deliverables

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See the New DroneHunter F700 in Action [Video]

Drone mitigation is a key component of counter drone technology.  Tracking and categorizing risks is important – but then you have to deal with them

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Nominate Extraordinary Women in the Drone Industry: the Women To Watch Global Awards for 2020

In these unsettled days, it’s more important than ever for us to support and recognize the many amazing people in the drone industry.  Now is the time to nominate the extraordinary women you know for the 2020 Women to Watch Global Awards – and this year, there will be two co-ed teams honored too (see […] The post Nominate Extraordinary Women in the Drone Industry: the Women To Watch Global Awards for 2020 appeared first on DRONELIFE

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Firepoint: Three Academic Teams Will Compete to Design Army Drones

The FirePoint C3 Challenge will see three academic teams collaborate remotely to design next-generation drone systems for the U.S

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Drone Partners Earn Canadian BVLOS Certification

MVT Geo-solutions has partnered with Iris Automation in a successful bid to receive the first Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) Special Flight Operations Certificate by Transport Canada using only onboard Detect-and-Avoid. The approval was granted based on deployment of Iris Automation‘s DAA system, Casia

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